What can virtual reality offer you?

Testing of potential new employees in virtual reality

We currently have a set of tests focused on observation, attention and generals skills of the candidate with many other tests in preparation in order to make the widest selection possible, available at any time.

  • Saves your time
    • Testing in VR is 80-95% more time effective that regular testing, mainly due to automatic evaluation
  • Attracts candidates
    • VR is a very popular tool and this form of testing is a great and useful source of PR usable during recruitment.
  • Saves your employees time
    • Evaluating and performing candidate tests is an easy but time consuming labour. Thanks to VR your HR can be used for a better and more productive tasks.
  • Obtained data can be further used
    • You can use the collected data for many internal processes including comparison of current employees in order to find the most skilled and efficient or more suitable for different operations, etc.

Who are we?

We are a group of enthusiasts from several fields ready to change the world of company environment. We are moving it into virtual reality, so it can work better in the real one :)

Who are we looking for?

  • We are intensively searching investors and potential clients.
  • Who is our ideal investor? Apart from financial support, also provides a good advice regarding for example pricing policy, etc.
  • And the ideal client for our core product? Is not afraid to try something new and transfer VR from the world of games into the world of business.
  • What can we offer? Expertise, enthusiasm, great team, excellent product and a bright future :)

Latest news

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Important reinforcement to our partners

Our mutual negotiations had the best possible outcome. A new partner, René Bujnoch is coming aboard bringing his vast experience in IT, business and project leadership. We are looking forward to our mutual cooperation! René did not have any time to waste and immediately started working alongside us :-)

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Business trip to Germany

We have spent three days in Germany attending business trip organized by ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK. Negotiating in four different places – Dresden, Magdeburg, Barleben and Hannover. Overall we attended 24 meeting with companies from 8 different countries and still managed to carve up some time to see bits of Hannover Messe fair :-)



It is simply a technology that creates simulation of real (or made-up) world and is able to provide an experience similar to that you would feel if you actually were in the simulated world. The environment can react thus making the illusion nearly flawless. You just put on glasses and suddenly you see a virtual world. You can move, look in all directions. If you have gloves or controllers you can manipulate with objects.

Absolutely perfectly. Based on technical blueprints of by camera recordings we can recreate the exact replica. For better work it is wise to simplify certain things and not put in too much detail.

Not an issue, we are renting whole work stations for different time periods, including maintenance and initial training. Do not worry it is simpler than it looks. :)

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